Top 6 free best museums in ny

New York is the most happening and exciting city in the world and it’s not true that you need plenty of money in your pocket to explore and enjoy this bustling city. Here are some of the free best museums in ny which will keep you busy without breaking your budget:

National Museum of the American Indian: this is definitely worth a visit if you are looking forward to go to the free best museums in ny city. Here you can get a view of the life and evolution of the American Indians in a rotating format. It is situated in the building of Alexander Hamilton where Broadway shows are also held.

Forbes Galleries: this wonderful gallery at 62 Fifth Avenue is a treasure house for kids with toy soldiers, numerous games and toy boats. Centre for Book Arts: Budgeted travelers can enjoy the ocean of rare books that are also regarded as a contemporary object d’art. This museum cum library is also the top rated free best museums in ny.

The Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology: if you are a fashion and style enthusiast, then do not miss to have a visit to this fantastic museum situated at the Seventh Avenue. Here you can find a permanent collection of around 50,000 ethnic and historical garments which describes the journey of the fashion world from the 5th century to its current trend.

American Fort art museum: this is one of the free best museums in New York City which will take you back in time without spending a single penny.
Museum of biblical art: It only happens in New York that you get the opportunity to immerse in the rich legacy of a city and also understand the biblical art and that too free.


So, there is something for everyone in New York and we hope that this list of free best museums will help you find the right place for you to go and enjoy in the big apple.

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Tips about Free museums in New York City

Free museums in New York City simply refer to the different museums in the city that allow free access to visitors. This does not mean that the free museums in New York City offer free access all the times of the day. There are certain hours of the day they are open to the public for free. It is left for the visitors to find out the hours and the days.

These museums are some of the things that make visitors to this great American city busy. There are several of such institutions in New York which the residents and visitors have free access to. Many people take advantage of the opportunity to visit such important institutions. Since entrance is free they benefit a lot from free museums especially tourists.
Some of the Important free Museums in New York

There are several such museums in New York as well cultural institutions and attraction centers in different parts of the city. Of all the museums in New York, of particular note is the American Folk Art Museum. This is of interest because of the memories of 9/11 to the residents and visitors of New York. This is the museum that provides exhibition of the National Tribute Quilt. One could see other exhibitions as well. Admission to this museum is free.

Forbes Galleries are one of the museums in New York that visitors could see the best of New York. There are some important collectibles in this museum such as the Monopoly games, the toy soldiers and several other collectibles. Access to this museum is free.

There are other interesting museums in New York City such as the Goethe Institute, the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, National Museum of the America Indian and many others that offer free access to visitors. The important thing here is that residents and tourists should know the exact period of the day these free museums in New York allow free access.

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